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Calling all people with a burning desire to practice traditional archery in Orgiva!!!

Recently I have been running introductory classes to a number of people. Taking absolute novices through a basic instruction of how to shoot and running them through safety aspects and bow care. Getting them over the fear of starting and onto a confident basic shooting cycle.

The bows used are all traditional western bows – Recurve and Long Bows. The style is based on the idea of Instinctive Archery – no sights, no measures, no aiming. Just you, the bow, the target and your instinct. The shooting process becomes as easy as throwing a ball to a friend. My teaching method is based on the Japanese Kyudo and Martial Arts tradition:

Safety first!
and doing everything with full awareness and total concentration (and enjoying every moment!).

We are have a growing group of dedicated archers and so are looking also for other archers in the area. With a view to begin running regular shooting sessions.

If you are interested in beginning, or already on your way and would like to learn more, get in touch.

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