Aikido for Children

Takemusu Aikido Orgiva offers classes to children aged from 6-16. (Depending on the individual maturity of the child, it may be possible to begin at a younger age)

Martial arts are often encouraged for children, but why would we want our children to learn to fight with each other? Why learn to hurt or injure another child with techniques which have destructive origins? The answers are often simple: to learn self-defence, self-discipline, to increase confidence, to keep fit, as a sport, and so on. Martial arts as a sport teach us to fight and compete with each other in order to be better than the others around us. Because of the lack of competition in Aikido, we stress the need to be better than we were yesterday, and as good as we can be tomorrow, without reference to the performance of others.

Aikido offers plenty of possibilities to learn through play – with a number of games incorporated into children’s Aikido classes thereby making them a fun and playful environment for learning a martial art which is focused on non-violence, cooperation, respect and harmony. And its dynamic circular movements and techniques are both playful and effective.